Sunday, June 10, 2018

Diligent Ants Taking over My Garden

Look to the Ant
8 x 10 inches Acrylic on Museum Aquabord, unframed, $195 includes free shipping in the USA.
My family name is Antel, formerly spelled Antell, and the family motto is "Vade ad Formicam" or Go to the Ant, meaning take a lesson from the ants. It is a Biblical quote, Proverbs 6:6. The motto is on the family coat of arms. I find it quite fitting as I am working very diligently (ant-like) at getting more little paintings done. But the grass is growing in the garden and weeds are everywhere this year. Lo and behold, there are ants everywhere. Not the big carpenter ants that I painted here, but tiny pavement ants that boil up out of the parched earth as I pull out the grass. I have been including ants in my flower paintings for years now. I just left the flowers out of this painting.

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