Saturday, November 10, 2018

Life is But a Dream, Alaska Painting a Day

Loon Lake II
6 x 6 inches, Oil on Museum Gessobord, unframed, $100 includes free shipping.

Another view of a wonderful lake in Alaska. Trouble is that there are so many loon lakes in Alaska. This one is near Denali National Park and has cabins for rent. Such a lovely place, quiet and peaceful, no motors allowed on the lake. What a difference that makes.

Friday, November 2, 2018

A Red Canoe on Loon Lake, Painting a Day

Loon Lake I
6 x 6 inches Oil on Museum Gessobord, unframed, $100 includes free shipping in the USA.

I spent several nights at a cabin on this lake in Alaska. It was a wonderful experience, complete with the sound of the loons. I did a number of plein air paintings at this site and took many photos for later. Such a peaceful place.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pink Snow near Paul Bunyan's Stump, Painting a Day

Paul Bunyan's Stump
6 x 6 inches Oil on Museum Gessobord, unframed, $100 includes free shipping.

We were leaving the area, looking for a final campsite before heading down to the Colonial Creek Campground. We were traversing an area of glacier that had lots of pink snow algae on it. The sun cups concentrated the algae some places, giving a mottled appearance. Sometimes we saw a lot of small dark worms in these depressions as well. Such a different environment here, high above Ross Lake.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Blue Glacier, Painting a Day, Full of Memories

Blue Glacier on Mt. Olympus
6 x 6 Inches, Oil on Museum Gessobord, unframed, $100 includes free shipping in the USA.

This spectacular vantage point is about a mile past the camp area that is 18.5 miles from the parking lot. The trail runs through incredible rain forest. The ferns are over 4 feet tall and grey lichen hangs from the trees. Moss is everywhere. This is the valley of the Hoh River, and has an annual rainfall of around 140 inches. I have hiked up to the campground 4 times and climbed to the summit of Mount Olympus once. I was withing 40 feet of the summit the year before. The summit rock was coated with verglas that year. Thick ice that was too thin for ice climbing and too thick for using protection in the rock. Such a disappointment. But I had my camera to preserve images for later paintings.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Midwinter Spring Blossoms Brighten My Day

Flower Shop Cafe
6 x 6 inches, Original Oil on Museum Gessobord, $100 includes free shipping in the USA.

My favorite source for a cup of tea 20 years ago was the cafe in a local garden store. It had a koi pond, orchids, snacks, tea and coffee. The glass roof let in the sun in the winter which created a wonderful ambiance. It had an artfully unplanned layout with odd corners, and unexpected treasures tucked among the foliage. It was like a tea shop inside a conservatory. One of my favorite haunts.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Three Fingers Mountain Towers Above the Skagit Valley

Three Fingers / Skagit Valley
6 x 6 inches Oil on Museum Gessobord, unframed, $100 includes free shipping in the USA.

This is a view from Best Road in the Skagit Valley that I always loved. Much more fun to drive the back roads rather than the freeway through the Skagit Valley. Often the fields were bright with the blooms of brocolli or cabbage being grown for seed companies. Rapeseed is also grown for its seeds, whether to plant the seeds or for oil production (Canola oil) I do not know. Sometimes the sheets of brilliant yellows almost hurt the eyes to see!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Fresh Snow on the Cascade Mountains

Snohomish Farm
Oil on Museum Gessobord panel, 6"x6" unframed, $100 includes free shipping in the USA.

I used to drive by this scene often enough to see it in some extraordinary light. This was one winter morning with fresh snow on the peaks. Rare beauty in our land of mist and rain. It has proved difficult to paint, as most really beautiful scenes turn out to be.