Friday, June 5, 2009

Painting Progress Report

I have been working on a series of 6 larger paintings in my studio, so the daily paintings have been sadly neglected. I still do my little studies in watercolor and pencil for the larger work, but they are for my own use so I rarely show them to others.I have finished the 24" x 24" works for the moment and am about to start another 30" x 40" work on canvas. I wish I could work on copper on these larger sizes, but copper plates that large are just too heavy. There is nothing like painting on copper for sheer joy of watching the brush leave gorgeous marks.

I complained all winter about the cold damp weather inhibiting the paint drying. Now I am complaining about how fast the paint dries. It was 91 degrees here yesterday and just too hot to think straight.

It is also time to publish my June Newsletter. I am hoping for a cool spell so my computer will behave. Without air conditioning, my computer (and I) get ditzy at 85 degrees Fahrenheit.