Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eccentric Blood Orange


I once took a bunch of cut up blood oranges to a local potluck. I thought folks would be overjoyed to have or try a rare treat in our part of the country.

What an error! Not a single person other than myself tried any. I know that these oranges really look different and even more so when cut open. But they are tasty.

Judging books by their cover, I guess.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Heart Made of Glass

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I was struck by the idea of a glass heart next to a piece of stone. If my heart is glass it could not just break, but shatter. The strawberry is also heart shaped, but not going to shatter. It will only dry up and shrivel if left here. So, since there are risks in both directions, why not go for it? As an artist, I know that I must take risks every time I start a painting or show a finished work to someone. Better the risk of shattering than the risk of shriveling I say!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tiny Daffodil a Harbinger of Spring

6.5"x4.5" oil
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I was charmed when I was handed this tiny pot with a blooming daffodil in it as a gift. Everything about it was just right. The bulb fit the pot just so and one flower was open with a few more buds showing. So of course, I needed to paint it.

It has taken a while to finish this painting as I have been very distracted lately by the weeds in the garden and the distress of the Mason bees who used up all the holes in their new nest boxes and were going strong. Thank goodness, a friend brought her bee nest over to have some tenants. They have been loving the newly paper-lined holes and have plastered shut 4 holes when I last looked.

They pollinate our fruit as we have fruit trees, berries and a grape vine which all produce when they are adequately pollinated. Since we have lost so many of the native pollinators, these hard workers are very welcome in our garden. Too bad they don't make honey.