Friday, August 7, 2015

Mt. Rainier July 2015

Where have all the flowers gone?

White River and Mt. Rainier
I went to see the wildflowers on Mt Rainier mid July, a month earlier than usual, but they were long past their prime at Paradise Meadows. The blossoms I found were what I would expect in September, complete with ripe blueberries. Everything was 2 months early or more.

The view of the mountain from the South was almost unrecognizable as there was little ice and snow and extensive exposed rock. I have never seen it so barren and bleak.The streams were still flowing but much reduced in size. The ground was powder dry and I raised dust into the air as I walked.

I have not painted anything from this trip as yet, but here is a small painting of Mt Rainier done in oil paint on a 8" square of copper. The view is from the pass above the White River.

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