Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wonderful Summer Memories

Joyful!    !!!!!!!

A row of Lombardy Poplar trees makes my heart sing!

Yes, I know that multiple exclamation points look silly. However, that is what the Lombardy Poplars look like to me when planted in a row. I find that so appropriate, as even a single specimen of these trees attracts me and raises my spirits.

In the late winter, the buds smell delightful. In spring, the fountain of delicate green leaves are hopeful. In summer, they march along in a stout formation. In the fall, the leaves begin to turn golden and as they fall, a heady perfume wafts up from them. And of course, they are hard working as windbreaks year round and so often are found on the fence lines of fields.

You can find them in the Skagit Valley near Seattle and in many other farming locations. This row is on Lopez Island. I know of a few in Seattle city, usually planted as one or a pair for a vertical element in the landscape, but they are too large for the average lot.

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